Here are the entries from the Winter 2021 Dragon Master held on December 18th.

We had 16 online submissions, as well as 22 in person submissions, from a total of 5 participants.

Best in show (and best in Dragon) with an average score of 4.875 out of 5 was the purple underbust by Kitheria King.

Best in Owl with an average score of 4.375 out of 5 was the Life’s Protector bracer by Austin Sharp.

Overall Dragonmaster winner with an average item score of 4.3036, one of our two entrants who submitted at least 7 entries across 5 different categories, was Kristen Wells.

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to our Northern Lights artisans!

Also special thanks to Michael Keck, Marie Turner, Missy Taylor, and Tanner Hall for braving cold, wind, and wet to come out and judge all 38 entries!

Fight Me by Xantia 

Last year the whole world stopped
At least it did for me
Seclusion came on swift
More trapped I’ve never been

Unbroken horrid news
We turned ourselves inward
Bearing each new crisis
Lived not looking forward

With no escape secure
No timeline or relief
To grow became a strain
Vision drowned by grief

As we venture out now
With care we can ensure
The spark ignites anew
Creation blooms once more

Recall how to move now
Shake cobwebs from your gear
Creation’s also movement
I’ll fight you while I’m here

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