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The Northern Lights website is still growing and we’d love help creating content. We’re looking to fill out the content on certain pages, photos and other artwork we can use to make things more interesting, and articles that we can use to fill out our blog. The more we add the more there will be for everyone to use, and the more likely new players are to find the site. So send us your stuff and help make the Northern Lights awesome!

Writing Guidelines

Our goal is to make the site the best it can possibly be. Any content that is submitted may be edited to meet our basic guidelines. If any changes are made you will be contacted about them before the content is added to the site. This is why we require your email address when submitting content. Your email will not be used for anything else. Also, don’t worry about being the greatest writer ever. We will happily edit for things like spelling, grammar, and general readability.

General Guidelines

  • All content should be unique and original. Don’t submit content that you have copied from somewhere else. This is plagiarism and search engines don’t like that. Also, the original author probably won’t either.
  • Use paragraphs and section headings. Reading  giant walls of text on a computer screen isn’t fun. Using short paragraphs and headings make content easy to read and scan.
  • Do your best with spelling, grammar, and general readability. We’ll edit to make the content as easy to read and understand as possible but starting with better written stuff make everyone’s life easier.

Pages that need content

  • Blog articles – If you want to just write general information articles, tips, crafting instructions, or whatever we can always add them as blog articles. The more of these we have the better.
  • Land Page Information – Your current monarchy, where and when you meet, your history, what you do, and anything else you want to say.
  • About – We have some general information on the about page but more is better. If you know more about the history of NL than is on the Wiki page (which is where the current information is from) we’d love to add it. Any general information is also appreciated.
  • Events section – We intend to have pages for explaining out regularly occurring tournaments, campouts, fundraisers, and elections. If you know about any of these things write a paragraph or two and send them in. (I’ll add a link as the pages become functional so you can see an example)
  • New to the Game – this will be a page with some general new player information. Other pages will go more in depth with different things so we’ll try not to overlap content too much.
    • Documents and Resources – This will mostly be a list of useful things. We don’t need to duplicate the list of tutorials that’s on Amtwiki but we can certainly link to it as well as the rule book, the corpora, and other similar things. If you have something to add to the list send it in (or a link to it).
    • How to Join Amtgard – This should be information about finding a park, reaching out to other players, and showing up for the first time.
    • Things to Do – All the stuff we do! I’d like to see a list of stuff with a paragraph or two on each. Arts and Sciences, ditching, dueling, battle games, quests, and anything else we think of.
    • What is Amtgard – Some general information about Amtgard as a game and organization. Possibly touch on the history of Amtgard.

Submit Content to the Site!