Board of Directors

The next Northern Lights Board of Directors meeting will occur January 7, 2024 at 7:00pm PST on the Northern Lights Discord server.

The BOD consists of one (1) year terms. Two (2) members are elected at Winter Midreign (December) and three (3) elected at Summer Midreign (June).

Current Monarchy Seats

Ursa (Rozlyn Devana Vespar Skaddisdottir) – Monarch (March 2023/September 2023)

Cole (Cole Allen) – Prime Minister (December 2023)

Elected Seats

December 2023 (Term ends December 2024)

[Seat 2] Kodiak (Moss Peters)

[Seat 3] Rafael (Garnet Shepherd)

June 2023 (Term ends June 2024)

[Seat 4] Medzek (Brian Mann)

[Seat 5] Ion (Michael Cowan)

[Seat 1] Kizmit (Jennifer Alley)